Privacy Policy

Austin Morrise, also hereby referred to as owner/photographer of Austin Morrise Photography, ensures that, unless stated otherwise, your images and personal information will NOT be used for resale or exploitive purposes. The sole use of clients' images will be for,

1. Promotion/Advertisement of the business ( i.e Portfolio use , announcements via social media, package deals, etc.).

2. Distribution of promised product to client through password protected galleries.

3. Charitable donations or recognition by third-party entities within the community. The photographer would be required to ask permission of the client before conducting this course of action, especially in the case of a minor (i.e. the name of the minor is present in the image, there is information that would endanger the well-being of the individual, etc.).

Also, information and personal information is required to better fulfill clients' needs and accurately curate work for them. With this in mind,

1. All information gathered and/or provided by the client will NOT be distributed, sold, or publicized.  

2. Personal information will only be used for the delivery of and updates on business products. 

3. In the case of images containig minors or children under the age of 18, the photographer will NOT share or list the names of the children on social content so as to respect privacy and safety of the minor. If the minor's name IS present in the image, the photographer will ask the parents/legal guardian for permission to use/display the image.

*If demanded, Austin Morrise will provide a consent form for documentation and a copy will be provided for both the photographer and parents/legal guardians to retain for documentation. 

4. The client has a right to request a cancellation on their galleries and all information assigned to it (email, phone number, client name, etc.).

* This must be explicitly asked of the photographer. 


-Policy established and updated on March 21st, 2024