Terms of Service

Austin Morrise, also hereby referred to as owner/photographer of Austin Morrise Photography, acknowledges that images provided to clients will mainly be implemented for personal use and printing. To ensure that the quality of the photographer's work and reputation remains intact, it must be addressed that,

1. All galleries provided by the photographer be password protected for the security of the client (unless approved by client to be publicly accessible).

2. If a client wishes to use the images for promotional or business purposes, said client MUST receive permission from Austin Morrise to do so. In this instance, a written and signed consent form would be provided to the client for security purposes and protection against legal action.

*Failure to do so may lead to difficulties in providing services in the future

3. If a client publicizes the images provided by the photographer in social media or printed media, the client MUST tag/reference the photographer and his business at least once. Not only does this help direct people to the person/entity that provided you the content, it also improves the self-esteem of the service provider (in other words, it is a way of showing appreciation for the work you have received).

*Failure to do so would NOT lead to legal action. This topic is more for thoughtful consideration. 

By purchasing the services of Austin Morrise Photography you acknoweldge and accept the Terms of Service displayed on this site. 


-Terms of Service established and updated on March 21st, 2024